Tascam M-2600 MKII (+Bridge) 32ch 8-bus Recording Console/Mixer - $650 (Hamilton) in Hamilton, Ontario for sale

Tascam M-2600 MKII (+Bridge) 32ch 8-bus Recording
Tascam M-2600 MKII (+Bridge) 32ch 8-bus Recording

BIG 32Ch 8Bus Studio Console with meter bridge + EXTRAS! The talk-back function is almost worth the price alone! ;)
1. The Tascam M-2600 MK II 32 Channel 8 Bus Recording Console
2. The full 32 channel meter bridge expansion/add-on
3. Original Power Supply
4. Heavy iron framed stand to hold it up.
5. A few crates filled with dozens of patch cables/snakes/XLR breakouts/patch bay/etc .. (basically, enough to wire up a 32 track studio with a live room plus a control room)
If you`re planning on integrating this with a digital studio (ProTools, Logic, Cubase, Sonar, etc..), check out my other items as I also have a *mint* (pretty much new) Behringer ADA8000 I'm selling as well as an M-Audio ProFire 2626. The more you buy, the better deal I can give you! So DO let me know if you're interested in any of the other items!
I bought this console a while ago and planned on getting the strange sound it emits repaired (*** see notes below). I was then planning on removing all the side molding stuff as well as the front arm rest and building a nice surrounding frame for it and make it all look stellar. Just comes apart with screws.
So my intentions were two-fold: To impress clients (this is a huge and impressive looking desk!!) and to send my ProTools sessions through it. I basically wanted to be able to mix them on this analog desk and then sum it back to ProTools in stereo for further mastering. Reason being both for the analog colour as well as the hands on mixing aspect (no mouse).
Anyway, I never got around to it due to my schedule and now I TOTALLY can`t do it because I`ve moved up to a TINY downtown Toronto apartment just this past week. There is literally NO WAY I could set this up up here. I basically have to totally downgrade all my equipment now to something tiny and portable.
So anyway, that`s about it. The desk is fully analog of course (no usb or firewire here). When new, the meter bridge ALONE cost over a grand! And remember, this is the 32 channel version! NOT the 24 or 32 channel one. This is BIG and FULL desk.
It was originally the main tracking console for a pro studio in Mississauga. It was then moved to another studio in Hamilton where it was used to track many bands until the studio closed. I purchased it from one of the owners and have since had it sitting in one spot not being used. It`s been in my possession for about a year now I think.
If you have any questions, fire away not problem! I`ll try my best to answer any questions to the best of my ability!
Feel free to do research online for specs and features, but here`s a quick Sweetwater writeup on the TASCAM desk:
Thanks for checking it out!
Firstly, while the console is in all around great cosmetic and functioning condition (it passes signals fine in all channels), it emits a very loud and annoying squelching sound from all outputs. I'm pretty sure it's bad/loose grounding somewhere as I've read into the problem and a few people reported the 2600's have a couple of "missing" grounding connections in spots. I can`t imagine it being too difficult of a fix if you`re good with project electronics, but I was personally planning to take it over to the Tascam service center in Mississauga and never got around to it. That said, I DID give them a called and they charge a $75 bench fee that`s eaten by any service charges if you give them the `go ahead`` to fix anything. So that`s a decent option to get this in tip top shape if you`re not good with electronics.
I`m not 100% sure where the exact issue is originating from but I THINK I`ve narrowed it down to either somewhere in the last 8 channels or somewhere in the master section`s 8 effects returns. Even more specifically, I think there is a connection overlap somewhere in the first stereo effects return pair (FX Return 1-2). The volume of this noise changes when plugged into the cue headphone out and the master fader is moved. Feel free to come by and check it out!
No, the cables are NOT Mogami quality. I'd be asking for a lot more money if they were! ;) These were actually custom made and wired up with Neutrik tips by the original studio owner(s) from who I purchased it from.
Unlike the console, the patch bay is a little banged up but should function fine. It`s rackable and comes with a decent number of (I believe they're called "bantam") patch cables. Break out boxes are also banged up from use, but should function
Same as patch bay above: banged up but should function fine.
This is actually pretty junky. The console has little rubber feet to place on a flat surface, so I would say this stand should only be a temporary solution unless you want to build a nice wooden frame around it or something. Otherwise, it`d be best to eventually find a nice work desk to put it on or something similar.
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