Samsung Galaxy S2 i727 unlocked, fixer-upper - $90 in Hamilton, Ontario for sale

Samsung Galaxy S2 i727 unlocked, fixer-upper - $90
Samsung Galaxy S2 i727 unlocked, fixer-upper - $90

There's lots wrong with this phone, but let's start with what's right:

Touchscreen works
-Camera works - recently installed a new one
-Data works just fine, you can lte super fast like a professional lte-er.
-GPS works great.
-Bluetooth works great.
-Headphone jack works great - you can listen through headphones in perfect fidelity.
-Phone has been unlocked.

What's wrong:
-External speakers are broken...sometimes they intermittently come back on, usually when you have the volume at full and the phone rings in a very quiet situation like a wedding hiding in a basement from War of the Worlds style aliens. Right now it's working, but definitely I can't guarantee when the audio will shutdown.
-Wireless only works after you flick the back of the phone about 5-10 times. I presume there's loose soldering in there, if you have the wherewithal it's probably fixable.
-The microphone is a little wonky. Usually I have no problems, but sometimes my voice doesn't get through when I'm on a call.
-USB connection doesn't work. The phone comes with an external charger and 2 Samsung batteries, because that's the only way you can charge it.
-there's a single line crack across the screen. It has never affected vision of anything, you can only see it from an angle, and it should be visible from the pics.
-general wear on the casing.

There you have it. I think I've covered everything about the phone, but if you have any additional questions, I'm happy to answer them. There's problems, clearly, but things work sometimes, and especially after I run a factory reset. I know those problems are repairable, I just don't have the energy.

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